Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin 70cl

  • ABV: 44%
  • Closure: Screw
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Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin is an award-winning craft gin from Northamptonshire, born of Curiosity—literally, the copper still in which it’s made is called Curiosity. Founders Tom Warner and Sion Edwards, two friends from university who describe themselves as ‘two guys trying to make awesome gin,’ turned their love for the stuff into a business, producing one of the best small batch craft gins outside of London. This stuff is top-drawer, a feeling you get from your first whiff. A true dry gin, it’s bright and effervescent on the nose, juniper-led but with plenty of spice to support it. The herbal notes of Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin come through with bright green coriander, zesty citrus, and a nice peppery spice that carries on through the finish. The recipe for gin is hardly a secret, but with their Harrington Gin, Warner Edwards manages to make a formula that is quite distinct, with a carefully-chosen combination of ten botanicals. Rather than maceration (leaving the ingredients to sit a while), Warner and Edwards’ method involves what they call a one-shot process, basically throwing everything together into Curiosity with some spring water and neutral grain spirit. After distillation, Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin is left to sit for 16 days to further develop the flavour, and the small batch is ready to roll. The perfect gin for a gin and tonic, it’s also worth giving Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin a chance to shine on its own, sipping neat, on ice, or drawing up a batch of extra-dry martinis. • Small batch craft gin made in Northamptonshire • Award-winning formula is dry and fragrant, with notes of juniper, zesty citrus, spices, and a peppery finish • Ideal for a gin and tonic, but as his is a high-quality gin, it’s also worth enjoying on its own sipped neat or mixed into a martini