Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin 70cl

  • ABV: 43%
  • Closure: Screw
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Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin is part of the Warner Edwards Botanical Garden range, and comes as the result of one sweet story (pardon the pun). One day, Tom Warner—one of the brand’s founders—decided he wanted to make a unique gin that tasted like nothing ever made before, while helping the plight faced by today’s bees (after all, they’re responsible for pollinating the gardens that keep them in business). And thus Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin was created, the brand’s most complex formulation to date. It’s made with 28 botanicals from their own gardens, including grapefruit peel, chamomile, lavender, cubeb peppers, quince, and a few other secret citrus and floral notes. All in all, it’s really good stuff. Zesty on the nose, bright and fresh and sweet at the same time. Keep the unexpected vibe going by serving it up with Mediterranean tonic water, along with a slice of lemon and sage leaves. Oh, and as for saving the bees—each bottle of Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin comes packaged with a packet of wildflower seeds you can plant at home, for your very own bee-friendly botanical garden. • Made with pure, fresh ingredients and natural spring water in Northamptonshire, England • Small batch craft gin infused with local honey and a blend of 28 botanicals • Part of the Warner Edwards Botanical Garden Series of infused gins • Sweet, fragrant and aromatic, with notes of florals, zesty citrus, and lusciously sweet honey • Comes packaged with a packet of wildflower seeds you can plant to create your own bee sanctuary