Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon Whisky 70cl

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Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Whisky is so-called because of its unique, double-barrel ageing process. Like its predecessor Kentucky bourbon whisky, Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Whisky is first aged in the conventional charred white oak barrels. Afterwards, however, it undergoes a secondary maturation in heavily toasted, lightly charred barrels. This imparts not just colour, but a highly complex (read: awesome) flavour into the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Whisky, and that’s the part we’ll concentrate on. This stuff is great—deep amber in colour, it’s already a treat to the eye. On the nose, there are rich notes of dark fruits, luscious caramel, sweet honey, bitter chocolate, marzipan, and dry, toasted oak. On the palate, that’s where you’ll really feel the significance of the second maturation, with a full-bodied combination of vanilla, dark caramel, earthy hazelnut, tart apple, another wave of dried and fresh fruits, and a blend of warming spices, including cinnamon and nutmeg. The finish is long and creamy, giving you lingering notes of honey, apple, and a touch of dry oak. Overall, Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Whisky is full-bodied and extremely satisfying, giving you a lot more than you’d expect from a typical whisky. Enjoy this one some snowy night in front of the fire.

  • Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Whisky features a two-step ageing process that results in a complex flavour profile
  • Premium whiskey is one unique formulation from one of the best names in Kentucky bourbon whisky
  • Sweet, complex, with plenty of body
  • Enjoy on the rocks or neat