Bacardi Mango White Rum 70cl

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  • ABV: 32%
  • Closure: Screw
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Bacardi Mango Rum takes the already exotic rum the Bacardi name is famous for and infuses it with the tropical tang of mango and a dash of orange for a liqueur with all the makings of a beachy getaway. The all-natural flavour of mango goes perfectly with rum, giving it a refreshing edge that will have you feeling sunny no matter where you drink it. One of the most exciting and enduring names in rum, Bacardi is always the life of the party, and Bacardi Mango Rum is a great way to surprise your guests with a little kick. There’s so much you can do with Bacardi Mango Rum. Need some inspiration? How about mango-ing up your next batch of mojitos for a Bacardi Mango Mojito. Just use Bacardi Mango Rum in place of your usual white rum, and voila! you’re the mixologist of the moment. While a Dark and Stormy is always nice, sometimes you just want it to be bright and sunny, so why not mix up a batch of mango storms—just combine one part Bacardi Mango Rum with three parts ginger beer and two dashes of bitters and you’ve got yourself a tropical twister that won’t send you running for cover.

  • Bacardi white rum combined with mango and orange flavours for a refreshing, tropical edge
  • Great for mixing up into a variety of punches and cocktails
  • Make a mango variation on the classic mojito
  • Change up your Dark and Stormy by combining Bacardi Mango Rum with ginger beer