13 Jun 2020

7 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Zoom Parties

Zoom parties, they're happening all over the place. If you haven't been in one yet, you will have at least of heard of them. The majority of them are hosts failing to find their meeting password, followed by seven minutes of their guests not knowing how to un-mute themselves, before finally they just consistently talk over one another. 

They could be so much better. And if you want to make sure that your party is the best remote party Zoom has ever hosted, we've got some tips for you. 

Plus if your only knowledge of MacGyver is from Patty and Selma's musings on The Simpsons, he's what you'll be having read this blog. A genius, a fixer. Think of our tips as your Zoom party Swiss army knife. 

Only Invite the People you Really Care About 

So this might sound a little harsh, but honestly - too many people in a zoom meeting is just going to be a nightmare. Especially if everyone tries to talk at the same time, or if someone has the washing machine on or a particularly vocal dog. 

Keep your invite list exclusive, and everyone will thank you for it. Boris is case in point. 

Source: https://news.sky.com/story/coronairus-cabinet-talks-held-on-zoom-days-after-software-was-banned-by-ministry-of-defence-11963889

Avoid Inviting the Technically Challenged 

Look, there's a time and a place to be technically inept, and before a Zoom party just isn't it. These people are likely to going to be a liability even when they manage the meeting code and password. 

Unless you have absolutely no choice, steer clear of people who could stress you out when you're trying to create the perfect party atmosphere. 

Set a Theme

Now the guests are decided, it's time to set a theme. All good parties have one, so why not set your guests a theme. Then, they can match it with their dress code, their food and drink and anything else you can think of. 

There are features within Zoom you could even use to amplify your chosen theme, but more on that later. 

Don't go too elaborate here, remember we are confined to our homes for the most part. So, try to think of something that will give your guests a reason to make an effort; there aren't a lot of opportunities for them to do that right now. 

Encourage Drinks, Snacks and Music

Like we just said, if you can match your food and drink to the theme, even better! If we were going to a non-lockdown party, you'd expect all of the above right? 

So there's no excuse, get them all raising a glass which matches the feel of the event, whether that be wine, champagne or a more elaborate spirit or liqueur to create a cocktail. 

On cocktails, if your theme is something more experimental, like the roaring '20s, send everyone the recipe for a perfect Mimosa (champagne and orange juice) or a sidecar (cognac, triple sec and lemon juice). 

Make Sure your Wifi is up to the Challenge

If you're hosting and your wifi goes down, so does the party. So make sure you've got the connection that will help you achieve perfection.

Give Everyone Code Names 

This silly feature works especially well if you are inviting a crowd who do not particularly know each other. By handing out code names, not only have you got the chance to poke some fun at your friends, but you can also take the initial tension off of unfamiliars by giving people silly names. 

You could even then introduce some kind of drinking game which includes having to address people correctly... just a suggestion. 

Assign Everyone a Virtual Background 

The background fits in with our earlier suggestion of having a theme. Zoom has a feature where you can set yourself a background for everyone to see. It's not cutting edgetechnology, which makes it even more fun. 

If you've set a theme, why not have everyone adopt the same backdrop for the comic value?

Pay for a Membership or Prepare for 40 minutes of Fun 

Lastly, we're not advertising Zoom we sware, but if you don't pay for a membership, be prepared to host a 40-minute party. If you go over, you'll have to start the whole thing again, which is even more painful if you ignored the first two rules. 

With all of the above accounted for, you're on your way to hosting the best possible Zoom parties. We toast to your next success! Stay safe.


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