13 Jun 2020

Get Smarter with Our 15 Remote Pub Quiz Questions

Get Smarter with Our 15 Remote Pub Quiz Questions

Guess what, if you’ve recently searched for pub quiz
questions, then you are certainly not alone. You’re part of a 710% increase in people needing some good ol’ fashioned pub knowledge for next Friday’s family quiz. We must all be getting smarter right? With every remote celebration featuring a quiz. Hopefully, some shrewd number crunchers out there will run some sort of IQ test for us all to see if the average IQ goes up. 

Those of you who aren’t looking to create your own quiz, you might just be flocking to Kahoot, for some instant gratification from knowing you can outwit grandma because she can’t work that iPhone you got her last year. 

We wanted to be a part of this gaining of smarts by offering you some puzzles for your next pub quiz round. The questions come first and then the answers, so make sure that you’re the host! No cheating.  

15 Alcoholic Questions to Baffle your Quiz Takers:

1. True or false, Milkshakes originally contained alcohol
2. How long does it take for the brain to begin to react to alcohol?
 3. What percentage of people worldwide over 15 claim to have never drunk alcohol?
 4. How much alcohol does the average Russian consumeover a year? (Answer in litres)
. 5. What’s the alcohol content of the strongest beer in the world? 
6. What was the highest ever recorded blood alcohol content?
 7. What is the one condition, under British law, that allows you to drink alcohol in parliament?
 8. True or false, red wines have higher alcohol content than white wines?
 9. What per cent of the world's alcohol consumption is homemade Moonshine accountable for?
 10. Which alcohol is good at eliminating clothe odours?11. Cenosillicaphobia is the scientific name for what? 
12. How many litres of Vodka is consumed (globally) every year? 
13. How many grapes will you need to make a single bottle of red wine
14. Approximately, how many bubbles are there in a bottle of champagne?
15. True or false, a gin & tonic will glow under a UV light? 

Here Are The Answers
1. True. 
2. 6 minutes. 
3. 48%
.4. 18 litres.
5. 67.5% 
6. .914% – more than twice the typical lethal limit.
7. If you are the chancellor delivering the annual budget statement.
8. True.
9. 30%
10. Vodka, plain obviously. 
11. Fear of an empty glass.
12. 5 billion litres.
13. 600 grapes.
14. 49 million.
15. True, it contains quinines, which are UV light reactive.


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