13 Jun 2020

Drink Smart During Lockdown

There's plenty of worrying information out there right now about alcohol and the lockdown. And, hey, we're certainly not going to tell you not to enjoy a drink, but we are going to tell you to drink smart. What does that mean? Well, to us, alcohol offers the ability of expression, connection, communication, sophistication and relaxation amongst many other awesome things. Drinking smart is merely making sure you always enjoy your drink; it's a win-win. 

With that in mind, we thought we'd give you some of our tips as to how to keep you drinking smart during the lockdown. 

Set Drinking Days 

Think back in time. We know it seems like an age ago! But, humour us, think back to a pre-COVID world where typically Friday or Saturday were your designated drinking days. Where you might go out with work, or meet friends or family to relax, laugh, and dance the night away with your favourite beverage. 

Those days may not be the same that face us in lockdown, but why should that mean we don't set days to look forward to? 

Alcohol is a brilliant social enabler, we all know that, and having days of the week where we can be with our friends, drink in hand, is a lot more exciting than the prospect of drinking for the sake of it. 

So stop that cheeky midday lager or wine aside and set those aside for Friday's quiz my friend - you won't regret it. Alcohol is best when it complements the main event!

Experiment and Create

Instead of pouring what you always do, why not mix it up? The best mixologists use alcohol as creative expression. Their drinks can be artistic masterpieces that work with alongside a theme. Say, you're hosting a Zoom party. Why not set a theme and offer your guests a cocktail (or mocktail) recipe to match? 

Whether you're looking to create a party atmosphere with your drinks, or just want to learn a new skill, creating cocktails is a crowd-pleaser for sure, and as soon as we see the other side of lockdown, which we will, you'll be the talk of your guests! 

Here are some of our favourite starter cocktail recipes: ● Some super tasty (but incredibly easy) recipes here from First We Feast, tuck in! ● The BBC rarely get things wrong when it comes to good food and drinks! There are 65 different cocktail recipe ideas in this article. ● Are you kicking back in your student halls on Housepartywith your floormates? This student cocktail collectionhas you covered.

Enjoy with Friends and Family

Right now, we've all got those enhanced cravings for company, so why not celebrate those moments over a video conference where we all forget we're on mute and talk incomprehensibly for far too long? 

These moments where we get to see and speak with friends and family are to be treasured, just like your favourite drink. It's a match made in heaven. 

Monitor Your Unit Intake 

Yes, we know it's numbers, but it's for the best! Don't be wasting all those units day in day out, as we've already said - save them for your drink days!

Keep your consumption to 14 units or less a week. 

Source: https://www.drinkaware.co.uk/alcohol-facts/alcoholic-drinks-units/what-is-an-alcohol-unit/

Worrying about Your Intake? 

Hey, we’re going through a global pandemic. If you feel like you’re drinking too much right now, you’re not alone. Our passion is alcohol, but never at the expense of your health - if you feel like you need help, there is plenty of it. 

Here is a list of the best advice sites: 

Stay safe.


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